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Impact Pediatric Health 2017

Breaking News:
Two new $15k cash prizes announced

(More prizes from our partners to be announced soon)

We are looking for startups who can help improve the health and wellbeing of children and the efficacy of the hospitals who serve them. Submit your application here by January 29. (Deadline has been extended). We are also excited to announce that our emcee this year’s event on March 13, 2017 will be Daniel Kraft, physician scientist/ faculty chair for Medicine and Exponential Medicine, Singularity University.



Presenting Pediatric Hospitals

These institutions have been ranked as the top children’s hospitals in the US .

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

An official part of SXSW 2017


Valuing creativity, innovation and inspiration, SXSW showcases up-and-coming technologies and industry leaders. Impact Pediatric Health is an official part of the SXSW Startup Village programming.

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Focused on kid’s health


While the patients may be small, we know that kids aren’t just little adults.They bring a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to making and keeping them healthy. We’re looking for leading digital health and medical device startups that are passionate about making a positive impact on the health of our babies, kids and teens.

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Leading the way


Eight top-ranked pediatric hospitals are coming together in an unprecedented manner to encourage collaboration amongst healthcare organizations, venture funds, industry, and innovators to foster an environment where good ideas are developed and made accessible.


As a result of this collaboration, our desired outcome is that leading institutions will advocate for and enable innovation in the pediatric space, helping providers, payers, patients, and families effectively tackle some of the greatest challenges in pediatric healthcare.

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